Our Facilities


Houseman Funeral Home - Clear Lake
The Houseman Family Funeral Home is located just two blocks west of downtown Clear Lake. This traditional Victorian Home provides a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.



Houseman Funeral Home - Birk Chapel Canby 
The Canby chapel is located in a progressive rural town with a population of about 1,795 people. Built in 1963, the Canby chapel serves as our main business chapel, where we conduct 50-60 services per year. While most funerals are held at church facilities, our chapel can seat up to 150 and can be divided into three smaller rooms for visitations.


Houseman Funeral Home - Birk Chapel Hendricks
The Hendricks chapel is in a very ethnic Norwegian community with a population of approximately 700. There are three Lutheran churches and a Methodist church in the city, as well as other churches in the surrounding area. The facility was built in the early 1980's and includes a very spacious attached home, large grounds and a parking lot. It is handicapped accessible and has an equipped and active preparation room, and a P.A. system. There is a casket selection room and a cremation options area.


Houseman-Birk Visitation Center- Ivanhoe
We are nestled in the "Storybook Community" with a population predominantly Polish Catholic, with 2 large Catholic churches and a Lutheran church in the community. The Facility was built in the 1900's with a storefront style brick. It has been used as a funeral home, furniture and home appliance facility since the 1920's, but has been exclusively used for funeral services since 1968. The main floor has a  general office area and a large chapel with P.A. system to accommodate large groups. We respect the history of this building and have constantly upgraded many areas, including making it handicapped accessible.  In 2015, the facility was renamed the Houseman-Birk Visitation Center.